Vision and Mission
Vision and Mission


Igniting inspiration from within to create a positive change in the world.


Preparing students to become adaptable, resilient leaders and mindful, global citizens who are effective communicators, independent and collaborative learners, critical thinkers and creative problem solvers, and technological innovators.

XCL American School of Bangkok Sukhumvit

The mission of XCL American School of Bangkok is to foster academic excellence in a caring community where diversity is celebrated, and mutual respect among adults and students is practiced. We provide the foundation for life-long learning and the skills and values needed to become responsible leaders in the global community.
XCL American School of Bangkok strives to provide your child with a world class academic education and develop him or her into an independent individual with a battery of leadership qualities and skills. Through the delivery of an American curriculum with an international perspective, XCL ASB puts your child on the path to becoming an independent leader in the global community. Our graduates are prepared to be critical thinkers, independent learners, effective communicators, and global citizens.
XCL American School of Bangkok offers a quality modern education based on an American curriculum with an international perspective. From here a solid educational and emotional foundation will be laid for our students, so that they will grow up to become successful and responsible adults. Our challenging curriculum, constantly updated, ensures a student's intellectual development and upon graduation they will be ready for university-level education.
XCL American School of Bangkok strives to embed a deep sense of discipline, responsibility, family and social values, and concern for our community and environment. It is a place where teachers and students provide support and friendship for one another.
Students are encouraged to excel not only in the academics but also in the areas of creativity, sports and performing arts. Our multicultural environment allows our students to understand and appreciate differences in cultures, lifestyles, and beliefs.

Where Dreams Ignite and Success Unfolds